Fiction: Except from my New Short Story, “The Deep Freeze”

The opening paragraphs of my new crime noir short story, “The Deep Freeze,” second draft:

Everyone in prison is a liar. The inmate population, I mean. Not a one of them did it. Not a one of them did the crime for which they’ve been sentenced and for which they are spending a lifetime behind bars. If you listen to them they were all set up by the cops or victimized or “wronged” in some way.

But not me. I freely confess that I did it. I murdered Arthur “Artie” Browning, screen agent for the stars. Kill an agent? There are worst crimes, I think.

So color me guilty. For this offense I am now receiving lifetime board and care here at this federal facility located somewhere in the dusty reaches of the Oklahoma panhandle. My first scheduled parole hearing is February 2035. I’ve got nothing but time to think about Geena and how I got mixed up in her “diabolical scheme” (to use the D.A.’s overheated rhetoric) to end her marriage and her husband in one fell swoop.

Ah, sweet Geena…

A brief sample only. More upcoming. Stay tuned.

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