KN writing

I am a writer, reporter, author, blogger, editor and photographer. If, as Shakespeare said, there are seven stages in the life of Man, then I am in about my fourth stage of life as a writer.

This latest stage is as a wine and travel writer about Napa Valley, Sonoma and wine country. FlipKey by TripAdvisor has rated Kevin Nelson Writer as one of the top Napa Valley blogs for 2015.  I also write about San Francisco and the Bay Area, California, Hawaii and the West.

Besides this blog, I have written for a variety of publications and websites, including the San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Magazine, California Historical Society Quarterly, Sports Collectors Digest and several popular travel websites that you can learn more about by clicking HERE.

As for books, I have written my share of those too—19, at last count. I feel compelled to add that these are hardback and trade editions published by major New York and regional publishers, and a few of them have won writing awards. They range from a biography of a multimillionaire automobile entrepreneur to a true crime story about a national forgery ring, several titles on sports and one of my favorite passions, being a father. For more details, please see my Books page.

I am the father of four children, a happily married man and the son of an elementary school teacher and a newspaperman, so my love of words and publishing is bred in the bone, I suppose. I grew up in California and have lived here most of my life  so it makes sense that California is mainly what I write about.

In all my writing stages, one thing is constant: I like discovering new things, going to new places, meeting new people and letting my curiosity lead me to the next story. And my sincere hope is that you, as a reader, will want to take the ride with me. Drop me a line anytime using the email address on the Contact page. I’d love to hear from you.—Kevin Nelson