Operation Bullpen: The Book With More Lives Than A Cat

My book, Operation Bullpen: The Inside Story of the Biggest Forgery Scam in American History was published in 2006, and it has more lives than a cat.

Most books have a certain sort of life to them. You write them, they’re published, you do author publicity for them, and then they fade slowly from view and fall out of print. Not so with Operation Bullpen, which continues to sell books and stir comment to this day.

I am just finishing up a series on Operation Bullpen and autograph forgery for Sports Collectors Digest and Sports Collectors Daily, and you can see these articles here. And next month, as I explain in this post, I will begin a new column/blog for SCD on the less savory aspects of the collecting hobby.

Operation Bullpen book cover

Operation Bullpen, the book, is about to go into a second printing, and if you point your mouse right here you can visit a special website wholly devoted to it where we have photos and excerpts.

We sold the option to the movies a few years ago and a screenplay based on the book continues to make the rounds in Hollywood, looking for money to finance it. The National Baseball Hall of Fame has plans to stage an exhibit based on Operation Bullpen, the book and the case, and although these plans have been on hold for a while, a major exhibit in Cooperstown could still occur.

So stick around. As Al Pacino said in Scent of a Woman, “Whoo-ah. We’re just getting started here.”



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